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Marketing Week 2011 Taste Testing Results

This week, Monday, October 17th, 2011 our ONU AMA chapter held a marketing research event for the kick-off of Marketing Week. The event was held in the Dicke College of Business Lobby from 11 to 3 PM for both students and faculty members to come participate. For the taste testing event, participants were offered two samples of ketchup, one name-brand and one off-brand, and french fries to test them with. This free event was put on to involve ONU students and increase the awareness of marketing to the ONU community. With an even 70 participants, our Taste Testing experiment was a great success.

Now the results!

Ketchup #1 - Heinz name-brand ketchup - received 37 votes. Leading our research as the better-tasting ketchup with 53%

Ketchup #2 - Great Value off-brand ketchup - received 33 votes. Following up our research with 47%

A huge Thanks goes out to all those helped put on the event and to all of our participants!