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Northwestern Mutual Sales Competition Spring 2012

During the American Marketing Association International Collegiate Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, they had a sales competition that was sponsored by Northwestern Mutual. It was set up in an eight minuet buyer seller interaction, which was judged by a representative of Northwestern Mutual. There were five rooms that had ten pitches each and the best of each room moved on to the final round of the competition. I set up my speech as apotential investor pitch to gain capital for a product idea. I was the creator of the idea and Justin Good was mypotential investor. My product idea was called Swipe It!, an application that would be sold through Facebook to help control the negative information that is on customers profile pages. During my pitch I had to show the potential investor why he should invest in my idea and explained the great return on investment he would gain. The pitch also discussed the target market, how the product would try to prevent a decline in sales and how it is better than current competitors that exist. We were able to give a great pitch that outlined all the factors of a sales pitch, though we were not able to move on to the final round of the competition. This was a great experience and our pitch was well received by our judge which was an HR for Northwestern Mutual.

-Jason Beougher
General Member