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American Society of Consultant Pharmacists

The American Society of Consultant Pharmacists’ purpose is to educate members in geriatric pharmacotherapy and the unique medication-related needs of seniors and long-term care residents.  ASCP’s main outreach program focuses on educating people on the effects of arthritis.  We have many community service and outreach opportunities throughout the year at various long term care facilities.  Also, ASCP offers internships and residencies to their members! ASCP is unlike many of the pharmacy organizations on campus today due to the specific patient population this organization targets.  In addition, American Society of Consultant Pharmacists is the first pharmacy organization at ONU to reach out to the pharmaceutical business students in a hope to integrate these two professions.  By bringing pharmacy students and business students together this allows for a better understanding of these professions.  Pharmacy students will learn more about the business side of things, such as the cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA), while business students can become more familiar with the ends and outs of pharmacy.
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