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National History:

  • Medicare legislation -- original Conditions of Participation for Pharmaceutical Services sets the stage for change with first requirement for the consultant pharmacist


  • George Archambault, “the father of consultant pharmacy,” delivers “Crisis in Nursing Homes” lecture at Northeastern University
  • Richard Berman’s prototype “bingo card” gains public recognition for cost-effectiveness of consultant pharmacist services


  • Berman/Casey create first form of modified unit dose/medication cart system reduces nursing time and medication errors


  • ASCP was incorporated as a nonprofit organization in Massachusetts.
  • Cover story in Drug Topics re: above by Berkeley V. Bennett

1969-1973 -- Richard S. Berman, first and only ASCP four-term president

  • Noted for “Rap in the Round” sessions
  • ASCP opposes kickbacks and substandard consulting fees. Future support is gained from Senator Frank E. “Ted” Moss (D-Utah)


  • Richard S. Berman et al.—Incorporate ASCP as nonprofit organization in Massachusetts
    • Almost 100 charter members
    • Arnold Goldstein -- ASCP’s first legal Counsel and first Vice President
    • Berkeley V. Bennett -- Cofounder and first Executive Director & Washington strategist
  • First issue of ASCP Update publishes


  • Berkeley V. Bennett enrolls Phillips Roxane as first ASCP Allied Member
    • Bennett becomes ASCP’s first Executive Vice President
  • ASCP moves headquarters from Bennett’s office in Stowe, Vermont, to Washington, DC
  • New Executive Director Malcolm Rodman is appointed


    To View a More Detailed and Extensive History of ASCP, please view the National Website: