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Goals of the Black Student Union

  • Provide a home away from home atmosphere, inviting everyone into the giant BSU family.
  • Convey the unique perspective of experiences to the rest of the ONU community.
  • Educate other members of the University in the heritage and history of the African American race.
  • Create a support system to help all students succeed in their endeavors.
  • Stay current on events affecting us, both on campus and worldwide.
  • Enable a small group of students at the University to have a large voice.
  • Put on many events, both to educate and celebrate our culture, and of course to have fun and relax.

Mission Statement: As a political and social vehicle, we strive to create unity within the African-American community. BSU serves to educate and mold the members of the community, and helps to equip them with tangible skills to use in the future.