What Historians Say

The following links are all books published in the last 20 years that have to do with the Hampden Bloodbath.

The Anatomy Of A Game: Football, the Rules, and the Men who Made the Game.  "Both teams had four regular players seriously injured." "The Harvard/Yale game was terminated after this game."

The Only Game That Matters: The Harvard/Yale Rivalry. Describes Hinkey as an incredibly aggressive, vicious player. Mentions blantent attemtps to injure opponents.

Hobey Baker: American Legend. Because of the Hampden Bloodbath, games were played on or near college campuses.

Football: The Ivy League Origins of an American Obsession. Yale/Harvard game produced calls for reform and colleges voted to abolish football, but students and alumi voted to keep it.

Fourth Down and Inches: Concussions and Football's Make-Or-Break Moment. The Game was so violent it was called the Hampden Bloodbath or occasionally the Springfield Massacre.

Now You Know- Giant Sports Tivia Bundle. One of the most violent games ever played, fans of both teams took the the fight to the streets after the game. "Yale's coach advised players to make illegal hits, regardless of what penalties were doled out."

After the Final Whistle: The First Rugby World Cup and the First World War. The Hampden Bloodbath's brutality along with football's brutality in general caused rugby to be more popular.

Walter Camp: Football and the Modern Man. Because of newspaper reports, the public had a much worse view of football than the people that played during the Harvard/Yale game.