ONU Mission

Ohio Northern University, a United Methodist-related institution of higher learning, seeks to educate and graduate students accomplished in scholastic achievement, prepared for a useful life and meaningful career, and inspired with a desire to contribute to the good of humankind consistent with Judeo-Christian ideals.  Ohio Northern’s purpose is to help students develop into self-reliant, mature men and women open to dealing with the contemporary world, actively involved in their learning, capable of clear and logical thinking and sensitive to the higher values of truth, beauty and goodness. In keeping with these goals, students will study diverse ideas and influences and develop technology skills appropriate to the needs of an ever-changing world.  The university’s academic program includes mutually supportive liberal and professional education components; integrates practice with theory; and provides students with opportunities for research, internships, co-op and international study and work.

As a result of their general education experience, Ohio Northern University students will demonstrate:

1)  effective communication, 2) critical and creative thinking, 3) scientific and quantitative literacy, 4) an understanding of diverse cultures and their effects on human interaction, 5) integration of concepts across disciplines, 6) informed and ethical responses to personal, civic, and global needs, and 7) informed responses to aesthetics in art or nature.


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