Changes Since Last NCATE Visit

Many positive changes have taken place in ONU's Center for Teacher Education since the BOE visit in April, 2005, and details can be found in the NCATE Annual Reports.  Some of those changes, not in order of importance, include:  1) further development, adaptation, and alignment of unit assessments and an assessment system; 2)  full development of 6-8 program assessments for all programs; 3)  implementation of an electronic portfolio system followed by transition to a university-wide electronic system; 4)  more regular review of and reflection on data; 4)  redevelopment of the Early Childhood Education curriculum; 5) addition of assessment coursework and a value-added assessment project for all candidates; 6) complete revision of curriculum for a semester transition giving opportunities for systematic program improvement; 7) development of a university-wide general education program with which the unit's commitments are aligned; 8) restructure of field experience requirements to align with semester coursework; 8) addition of more fieldwork with special needs students and in diverse settings;  9) addition of two new AYA (secondary) science licensure program options (Physical Sciences: Physics, Physical Sciences: Chemistry); 10) addition of the Middle Childhood and Early Childhood Generalist endorsements; 11) addition of a major in Engineering Education in the College of Engineering which leads to an AYA (secondary) Integrated Mathematics teaching license making ONU one of the few universities in the country to offer teacher education programs in all four of the STEM fields;  12) updating of technology and resources for teacher education candidates and faculty; 13) review and update of the conceptual framework; 14) alignment of unit's knowledge, skills, and dispositions with the state's new Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession; 15) redevelopment of field and clinical assessments to reflect Ohio's Standards for the Teaching Profession; 16) partnership development with nearby Bluffton University (also NCATE-accredited) to collaborate on teacher education program offerings; 17) institution of regular meetings with cooperating classroom teachers for both field experience and student teaching, regular faculty advisor review sessions, and student advising overview sessions; 18) the institution of the School Partnership Group, a group of faculty dedicated to studying and growing mutual partnerships with area schools, and others.   Since the last BOE site visit, the unit has seen a 32% drop in enrollment (253 in Fall 2005 to 171 in Fall 2011)) presumably due to a combination of factors including license restructuring, the job market, the economy, and others.

Institutional Report from the April, 2005, BOE Visit

BOE Report from the April, 2005, BOE Visit

Institution Rejoinder from the April, 2005, BOE Visit

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Appendices to Institution Rejoinder from April, 2005, BOE Visit Part II

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