Entry and Exit Requirements for Clinical Practice

In order to enter clinical practice, the candidate must have been formally admitted to the Teacher Education Program, have completed all major (with the possible exception of completing the capstone project in a content area major) and professional education coursework with a  grade of  'C' or higher, have a 2.50 cumulative grade point average or higher, have completed required field experience experiences and hours minimums (160 minimum although most complete substantially more), have appropriate and up-to-date background checks on file, have no current dispositional concerns in process (or have an agreed upon method for moving forward), and must have passed the appropriate Praxis II Subject Area Examinations (Memorandum of Understanding).

In order to exit clinical experience, the candidate must have completed the Pathwise Portfolio and the Impact on Student Learning assessment or the Teacher Performance Assessment and must have received a grade of  'S' for the clinical experience course as assigned by the university supervisor.  The university supervisor is responsible for the assignment the grade of  'S' or 'U' after consultation with the cooperating teacher and based on site evaluations made by both the university supervisor and the cooperating teacher throughout the student teaching term.