Clinical Faculty Support of Student Teachers

The Student Teaching Handbook clearly defines the roles and responsibilities of both the university supervisor (professional education faculty member) and the cooperating teacher during the student teaching experience.  The full-time university faculty supervisor is assigned to a student teacher as a calculated portion of teaching load (1 ST = .66 semester hour).  The supervisor is expected to make an introductory visit to the site to become acquainted with the school, teacher, and teacher candidate to answer any questions.  The supervisor then observes the performance of each student teacher for a minimum of five times including time for debriefing, reflections, and goal-setting.  More observations may be made if necessary.  Although evaluation documentation is completed at each visit using forms provided in the previous section, the university supervisor also leads the cooperating teacher and the teacher candidate in both a mid-term and final evaluation conference which includes discussion and the submission of written documentation by all three to the Field Experience Placement Specialist.  Additional duties of the university supervisor, as indicated by the Student Teaching Handbook, include "offer suggestions that will help the student teacher to solve personal and professional problems related to the school and community personnel," "assist the student teacher in achieving the student teaching performance outcomes," "offer guidance to the student teacher in lesson planning, classroom management, keeping records, constructing tests, understanding individual learners, motivating learning, evaluating learning, and meeting individual differences."

Similarly, the Student Teaching Handbook defines the role and responsibilities of the classroom cooperating teacher to include acquainting the teacher candidate with the school and policies as well as his or her responsibilities and authority.  The cooperating teacher is expected to support the teacher candidate in making decisions regarding problems related to students and assist the student teacher in achieving the student teaching performance outcomes.  The cooperating teacher is expected to guide the student teacher in resolving subject matter difficulties, setting up objectives, organizing plans, developing evaluation instruments, using effective teaching methods and techniques, selecting media/materials, and implementing classroom management strategies.  The cooperating teacher is to arrange for frequent conferences to determine progress of the teacher candidate, participate actively with the university supervisor and the teacher candidate in the mid-term and final evaluations as described above, and submit written documentation of evaluations as well as a final evaluation/reference to the Field Experience Placement Specialist.