Membership in the National Community Pharmacists Association helps you prepare today for the possibilities tomorrow.

Have you considered pharmacy ownership?

Independent pharmacy ownership is growing. Independent pharmacies now represent more than 40% of the retail pharmacy marketplace.

Looking Ahead

Does the idea of owning your own pharmacy seem like a distant dream rather than an attainable reality? After all, you're busy with pharmacy school now, and soon you'll be paying back student loans and starting your career. Who has the time or the resources to consider owing a pharmacy? The answer should be....YOU!

NCPA provides you with the resources and know-how to buy and run a successful pharmacy. Unlike other professional associations that focus only on the clinical side of pharmacy, NCPA give you the business skills to complement your clinical expertise.

Membership gives you valuable insights into the professional challenges and opportunities of independent ownership, so when you're ready to take control of your career you can!


There are two ways to become an NCPA member:

1. Go to > Click "Join NCPA" and pay your $35 national dues online

AND bring a check to Professor Myers' office for $10 chapter dues made out to "ONU NCPA Student Chapter"


2. Fill out a paper form which can be picked up at Professor Myers' office

Write one check for $45 to "ONU NCPA Student Chapter"