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1. To give Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, and Ally (GLBTQA) students a better connection to the ONU Campus Community.

2. To improve morale and emotional well-being among GLBTQA students.

3. To direct students to resources for the resolution of social, psychological, religious, political and other issues related to their GLBTQA identity.

4. To bring together under one umbrella a source of information about services already available on campus for GLBTQA students.

5. To provide educational opportunities for all members of the ONU community on GLBTQA issues.

6. To provide resources for GLBTQA students making decisions about post-college life and careers.

7. To provide the opportunity for GLBTQA and non-gay students to interact positively and maturely.

8. To recognize the value of all persons in the world and the contribution of GLBTQA persons to our culture.