Welcome New Polar Bears!

I am delighted to welcome you to Ohio Northern University and look forward to seeing you this summer at one of the Orientation programs held in June. In my opinion, by choosing Ohio Northern, you are taking the very best next step to prepare for a successful future. The student experience at ONU is one in which you will encounter rigorous academic programs, have the opportunity to forge meaningful relationships with students, faculty and staff, and achieve results that will exceed your expectations. Time-tested and proven, these 3 R’s of ONU education--rigor, relationships, and results--will help you make the most of each day on campus, as well as the challenges of tomorrow.

Congratulations on becoming a Polar Bear!

Daniel A. DiBiasio
Ohio Northern University President


There are many important things to address in order to begin at Ohio Northern University. ALL NEW FIRST-YEAR STUDENTS are required to attend our two-step Orientation Program.

This includes:

  • A one-day Summer Orientation Program (June 12, 19 or 26)
  • The four-day Welcome Weekend (August 20-23)

Summer Orientation

Summer Orientation is the first stop on your orientation journey. During the Summer Orientation, you will schedule fall classes with an academic advisor, meet with your college dean, and learn about crucial student support services as well as opportunities for getting involved. Family members are encouraged to attend the Summer Orientation in addition to the new student.  While students are busy with activities, family members will learn about important issues and services related to academic success, financial aid, involvement and student activities. Please Note: Students who do not attend a summer orientation session will have their class schedules created for them in-house, prior to the first day of classes.

Remember to RSVP so we can be prepared for your arrival!

Reservations will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis. Space is limited for each Summer Orientation session. The program will run from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Note: Please ensure that you are able to stay throughout the day before choosing your dates. Important information is given throughout the day that we do not want you to miss!

If you have questions regarding Summer Orientation, please feel free to contact Melissa Klingler in the Office of Admissions (419-772-2651).

Use the Summer Orientation Guidebook to the right to learn more about Summer Orientation.