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ste's blog

STE Brother Spotlight 2013-14 | Week 2

Week 2: Wesley Clark

Year: Super Super Senior
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Big: Calvin LeVally
Little: Jason Hibbard, Wesley Brown
Hometown: Lancaster, OH
Current Office: None
Previous Offices: Alumni Director, IT Director
Fun Fact: Wes has done the music for every STE event for the past 5 years.
STE Memory: Wes's pledge class hid plastic Easter eggs around the house. Some of these have yet to be found!

STE Brother Spotlight 2013-14 | Week 1

Week 1: Matt Zirkle

Year: Senior (5th)
Major: Computer Engineer / Applied Mathematics (Business Admin. minor)
Big: Matt Wick
Littles: Jonathan Doran, Elliot Hall
Hometown: New Bremen, OH
Current Office: President
Previous Offices: Secretary, Historian
Fun Fact: Matt has over 2 years experience in web design.

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