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Brothers of STE

Below is a list of all the active brothers of Sigma Theta Epsilon:

Note: If you need additional contact information for a brother, contact the brother via e-mail.

Active Brothers:

Name Primary Major E-mail Address  
Arellano, Shalom  Exercise Physiology  
Bourgeois, Brandon  Pharmacy  
Bowersock, Tommy  Computer Science  
Brubaker, Andy  Pharmaceutical Business  
Hartman, John  Engineering Education  
Inbody, Sam Mechanical Engineering  
Lauback, Jamie  Pharmacy  
Mochon, Matt  Music Education  
Orr, Noah  Computer Science  
Peace, Joe Music Education  
Rademacher, Austin  Computer Science  
Sager, Daniel  Construction Management  
Schleigh, Spencer  Construction Management  
Schroeder, JC  Computer Engineering  
Smith, Tim  Computer Science  
Soppe, Joshua  Pharmacy  
Walker, Matt  Pharmacy  
Wayne, Landon Chemistry  

Associate Brothers:

Name Major Email
Herting, Dan  Mechanical Engineering



Name Role E-mail Address
Dr. Harold Putt Sponsor
Dr. Trevor Robinson Advisor
Allie Harrison Sweetheart