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AFFP 2010-2011 Members

Front row left to right: Malorie Kulp, Marissa Esterline, Elizabeth Huxsoll; Second Row: Stacy Sheeren, Tracey Clide, Sara Engleberth, Jessica Wolf, Liz Harbek; Third Row: Ashley Fassinger, Katie Knurek, Kelly Coughlin, Jeannette Weng, Anabel Gilbert, Liz Arpin, Veronica Fetsko, Kyle Keller, Dr. Dennis De Luca; Fourth Row: Josh Arthur, Justin Masin, Caleb Worley, Stephaine Schottke, Zak Lee, Rebeka Meyer



The purpose of the ONU Association of Future Forensic Professionals is to develop and implement educational opportunities that enrich forensic knowledge for the student body by:

a)Promoting extra curricular learning through speakers from various forensic fields
b)Maintaining alumni and professional relationships
c)Attending regional forensic conferences
It is the responsibility of the ONU Association of Future Forensic Professionals to uphold the Student Handbook, University policies, and the educational mission of Ohio Northern University.