Timeline For Internships

By the *End* of Your Sophomore Year:

  • Make a draft of a cover letter and CV (if AASG 3001 (the job-search class) is still a requirement, it's recommended that you take it your sophomore year to make this easier.  Either way, see the cover letter and CV examples under the Internship Correspondence Tips and Examples menu)
  • Get a list of places you could live for your internship (i.e. with family members or people you know from other cities/states)

During your Junior Year:

  • Locate acceptable places for your internship
  • Apply-- the earlier, the better.  Background checks can take, in some cases, 2 months to get results
  • In early April, draft a letter which addresses the internship committee, which should include:

The name of the site, the location, if you have been approved by the site, when you will complete the internship, what project you have been assigned (if it is unknown, that is okay, just state that)

  • Meet with the internship committee (this is just staff at ONU, you will be notified of when, probably through Jane)
  • Ensure that you take an internship packet with you to your intern site in order to have the evaluation forms completed by your supervisor

During/Immediately Following your Internship:

  • Prepare your paper for the internship course
  • Prepare your presentation for the course
  • Prepare thank you letters to both your internship site and the biology department
  • Prepare your summary of the internship to submit to the biology department

*You will take the Major Field Test (MFT) at the end of the semester in which you are enrolled in the 4941 course.