Northwestern Mutual Sales Competition Spring 2012

During the American Marketing Association International Collegiate Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, they had a sales competition that was sponsored by Northwestern Mutual. It was set up in an eight minuet buyer seller interaction, which was judged by a representative of Northwestern Mutual. There were five rooms that had ten pitches each and the best of each room moved on to the final round of the competition. I set up my speech as apotential investor pitch to gain capital for a product idea. I was the creator of the idea and Justin Good was mypotential investor.

Ohio Northern For The Win - AMA SABRE Competition Spring 2012

The annual SABRE (Strategic Allocation of Business REsources) competition at the AMA ICC is somethingthat ONU has participated in 3 times. Each year we have gotten better, with a near last finish in 2010(our inaugural year), a 7th place finish in 2011, and a 1st place victory this year. SABRE involves everyaspect of marketing, from research and development to marketing and advertising plans to productlaunches.

Student's Perspective on NOLA Spring 2012

Going to New Orleans was a completely new experience that I will never forget. It’s like transporting yourself to a completely new culture for a week, and not even having to leave the U.S.! Not to mention being around some of the best and brightest young marketing minds, as well as experienced industry leaders to guide you along your path.

International Collegiate Conference 2012

2012 Conference Theme 
Marketing – Always Evolving

ONU AMA after an Awards Ceremony

ONU AMA Winter Survival Kit - 2012

Our winter survival kit is the biggest fundraiser that ONU AMA does. We designed a group of care packages, everything from a traditional goody bag to an ONU fleece pullover and blanket, and made up a mailer to send to the parents of every student at ONU, including the law school. Parents were able to select from about 10 different items or packages, and sent a form back to ONU indicating what they would like to send their students. We processed all of the orders, and sent students their orders through the campus mailroom.

Big News for ONU AMA Spring 2012

While we're wrapping up the first half of our year, I'd like to thank all of our members and officers for all of their hard work and the time they've devoted to ONU AMA. We've had such a great, fun and successful semester so far and I'm very excited for everything we've got planned to accomplish this coming semester.

ONU AMA will be taking on some changes though, with Co-President Chelsie Timmons graduating early and starting her journey into the real world. We're all both proud and excited for her and send her the best wishes in the new chapter of her life!

AMA Member of the Semester – Fall 2011

Well it's the end of the semester and that means it's time to annouce the Fall winner of AMA Member of the Semester!

We had a tight race near the end of the semester with such great participation from all of our members and officers, but we're proud to annouce that Megan Siwik is ONU AMA's Member of the Semester. With a total of 21 points this Fall, Megan showed her dedication to the club and we're happy to reward her with a $25 gift certificate to Wal-Mart.

Eat, Drink, And Be Scary!! 2011

Come out to El Campo on Halloween this Monday, October 31st between 5:00 PM and 9:00 PM and 10% of your bill will go towards helping ONU's American Marking Association raise money to help fund their annual trip to the AMA International Collegiate Conference.

Pie-A-Prof Fundraiser Results Spring 2012

Last week, Friday, October 21st, 2011, our ONU AMA chapter gave both students and faculty a chance to throw a pie at one Lucky Professor for the finale of Marketing Week. The event was held in the Dicke College of Business Lobby at 2 PM for both students and faculty members to come participate. Thoughout the week, the club had containers set out at the booth for each participating professor. When someone donated to a professor's jar, they had a raffle ticket for a chance to throw one of the three pies on Friday.

Now the results!

Marketing Week 2011 Taste Testing Results

This week, Monday, October 17th, 2011 our ONU AMA chapter held a marketing research event for the kick-off of Marketing Week. The event was held in the Dicke College of Business Lobby from 11 to 3 PM for both students and faculty members to come participate. For the taste testing event, participants were offered two samples of ketchup, one name-brand and one off-brand, and french fries to test them with. This free event was put on to involve ONU students and increase the awareness of marketing to the ONU community.


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