Ohio Northern For The Win - AMA SABRE Competition Spring 2012

The annual SABRE (Strategic Allocation of Business REsources) competition at the AMA ICC is somethingthat ONU has participated in 3 times. Each year we have gotten better, with a near last finish in 2010(our inaugural year), a 7th place finish in 2011, and a 1st place victory this year. SABRE involves everyaspect of marketing, from research and development to marketing and advertising plans to productlaunches. There are a certain number of target segments in which our products need to be placed inorder to sell well, and within the software we are able to change product perceptions, customize R&Dprojects, and individualize advertising strategies and mediums to help match each individual targetsegment. Market studies including product awareness, consumer purchase habits and perceptions,market forecasts, and other highly detailed reports are available to us to aid us with decision making.Each one-year period is run once we have made our relevant changes, and we continue to makedecisions each round based on updated reports and forecasts.

In this year’s competition, Ohio Northern competed against 34 other universities during the 8 hourevent in New Orleans. Other schools are known to have competitions within their own chapters, whichthen get the honor of competing nationally on behalf of their schools. ONU has not yet incorporatedthis methodology within its AMA chapter, but based on how badly we beat the other schools by, it maynot be necessary. The final simulation results were ONU in first, Ferris State University in second, andJohns Hopkins University in third. FSU and JHU were close in terms of final standings, with simulateddollar amounts of $238,666,000 and $220,016,000. ONU beat second place by over one hundred milliondollars, coming in with $343,301,000 in net cumulative value.

Final SABRE ScoresONU AMA Members with award from SABRE