ONU AMA 2011-2012

The American Marketing Association Chapter at Ohio Northern University has seen quite a bit of change and development this year with the complete renovation of the club's strategy and structure. From the hard work and dedication of our AMA Exec Board and members, we've earned more money this year at this point in the year and have participated in many more activities than any previous year. Continue reading to learn more about our new changes and accomplishments.


Since our previous years seemed to lack routine and organization wasn't our strongest point, Presidents Brandy and Chelsie sat down and determined that the group was going to have set, bi-weekly officer and general meetings. They created and implemented an AMA Calendar to ensure that organization and routine. Every other week didn't seem like it would consume too much of our members' time, and because members knew when meetings would be, they would be able to schedule around them if need be. Each officer meeting is set for every other Wednesday at 8:30 to 9:30 PM while the general meetings are every other Sunday from 7 to 8 PM in the same room in the Dicke College of Business. Our scheduled meetings are documented in the hard copy calendars for each member and in the right sidebar of this website.

Point System

This year, ONU AMA has implemented a new point system to track member contribution as well as to fairly distribute funds from our fundraisers for the AMA International Collegiate Conference in New Orleans. With our system, each group activity is worth a predetermined amount of points.

The designated point break down is as follows:

  • General Meeting: 1 point
  • Social or Special Event: 2 points
  • Fundraiser Participation: 2 points
  • Officer Meetings: 1 point
  • Complete Officer Logs: 1 point
  • Missed Officer Meeting: -1 point
  • Incomplete Officer Log: -1 point


Along with our new point system, we've incorporated prizes and incentives for showing up and participating in group activities. As if being a part of this great organization and making life-long friendships and networks and experience isn't incentive enough, we are awarding a $25 gift certificate for each AMA Member of the Semester (the member with the most points at the end of the semester) and a $50 gift certificate for the AMA Member of the Year (the member with the most points at the end of the school year). The point system will also be used to determine how funds will be divided fairly for the trip to New Orleans for the AMA Conference this Spring. More funds will be allocated to the members that participated the most with the group. Other incentives include helping out with philanthropic events and attending speakers and professional development activities hosted by the club.

Officer Logs

Officer logs were newly required this year to both measure the work and contribution from each officer as well as provide a sort of transition report for the members of the next year's Exec Board. Officer logs are to be completed monthly and are due at the first meeting of the new month.

ONU AMA Website

Because the old ONU AMA site was pretty outdated, our President, Brandy, spoke with several university employees and got to create this new and improved site for the club. She has been developing and maintaining it since September.