Pie-A-Prof Fundraiser Results Spring 2012

Last week, Friday, October 21st, 2011, our ONU AMA chapter gave both students and faculty a chance to throw a pie at one Lucky Professor for the finale of Marketing Week. The event was held in the Dicke College of Business Lobby at 2 PM for both students and faculty members to come participate. Thoughout the week, the club had containers set out at the booth for each participating professor. When someone donated to a professor's jar, they had a raffle ticket for a chance to throw one of the three pies on Friday.

Now the results!

Professor M. Govekar – $4
Professor Maris – $5
Professor P. Govekar – $7
Dean Fenton – $9
Professor Ewing – $21
Professor Lambdin – $26

Pie-Throwers were students, Meghan Mahoney and Marc Akam, and Assistant Dean of the Business College, Dean Meininger.

A huge Thanks goes out to all those helped put on the event and to all of our participants!