About Us

What is ASCD?

 ASCD is a pre-professional organization for all grade levels and subjects.  ASCD offers benefits and resources to help you make the most of your college education.  Through the various newsletters, journals, speaker and programs, you can learn new ways to challenge your students and grow as an educator.

Member Benefits:

Membership in ASCD offers many benefits to its student members.  Educational Leadership, a highly respected journal published by ASCD, as well as many updates and newsletters, are delivered to its members throughout the year.  ASCD also offers professional recognition internationally, discounts on services and products, and the option for attendance at state, regional and national conferences.  Student members may even have their own links on the national ASCD website, which provides resources beneficial to education majors.

Events and Activities: 

Our local chapter of ASCD continues to provide valuable experiences and resources to the education students on campus.  We have many events, including speakers, panels, tutoring opportunities, service activities, social events, and special events to benefit our community.  Joining ASCD is a great way to have fun, gain valuable experience and get to know other education majors.

 We hope you will consider joining ASCD or attending one of our meetings or events!