Past Events & Meetings

ASCP Events 2014-2015
September 2nd - General Meeting: Mindy Ferris, Ohio State Board of Pharmcy Member
September 18th - Outreach: Lima Towers
September 25th - Outreach: Lima Towers
October 2nd - Outreach: Lima Towers
October 7th - General Meeting & Outreach Training
November 4th - General Meeting: Dr. Reilly Kroustos & Outreach Training
December 2nd - General Meeting: Ruth Emptage & Outreach: Heath Fair at Hardin County Council on Aging
January 13th - General Meeting: Dr. Micah Sobota
February 2nd-6th - Elderly Awareness Week

February 3rd - General Meeting: Heidi Trautwein
February 6th - Outreach: Fall Prevention, Hardin County Council on Aging
March 10th - General Meeting: Exec Candidates & Upcoming Outreach Opportunities
March 28th - Outreach: ONU Health Day
March 31st - General Meeting: Joint Meeting with SSHP, Organ Donation
April 21st - General Meeting: P6 Rotation Q & A
Every Monday & Tuesday - Outreach at Kenton CVS & Kroger
ASCP Events 2013-2014
September 17th 5pm- General Meeting

  • Dr. Hrometz Guest Speaker

September 21st 9-4pm- Harvest and Herb Fest

  • Sold Pop and Chips

October 1st-5pm- General Meeting

  • Al Barber Guest Speaker

November 5th-5pm-General Meeting

  • Michael Lux spoke about Hospice and Palliative Care Pharmacy

December 3rd-5pm-General Meeting

  • Dr. Jenelle Sobotka spoke about "Experience in Organizational Strategic Planning and Individual Performance Review"

January 14th-5pm-General Meeting

  • Dr. Jeff Allison-Allen County Council on Aging

February 11th-5pm-General Meeting

  • Erin McClure on Wound Care Standards in Long Term Care

March 11th- 5pm- General Meeting

  • Dr. Heide Trautwein "Antipsychotic use in the elderly: Practice applications to approaching dementia related behaviors"; Subway

April 1st- 5pm-General Meeting

  • Dr. Finley-Sobota "Special Consideration in Geriatrics When Doing Outreach & Community Service"

April 22nd-5pm-General Meeting

  • P6 Panel "What They Wish They Would've Known", Punch Card Winner: Steven Cole

ASCP Events 2012-2013
August 20th from 2-5pm – Welcome Fest
August 23rd at 4pm – Introduction to Pharmacy Organization Meeting
September 7th from 5-7pm – Pharmacy Phest
September 10th at 7pm – Animal Assisted Therapy Speakers

  • Ÿ  Brought in 5 speakers to talk about using animals to help heal

September 15th – Harvest and Herb Festival

  • Ÿ  Sold drinks (Gatorade, pop, & water) and icy pops

September 18th at 5pm – 1st ASCP chapter meeting

  • Ÿ  Speaker: Al Barber (ONU Alumnae, Former National ASCP President)
  • Ÿ  Topic:  ASCP and the aged population

October 6th – Homecoming

  • Ÿ  Used counting trays and candy and filled vials with the candy to simulate being a pharmacist

October 9th at 5pm – 2nd ASCP chapter meeting

  • Ÿ  Speaker:  Ruth Emptage
  • Ÿ  Topic: How to navigate Medicare Part D for the elderly

November 13th at 5pm – 3rd ASCP chapter meeting

  • Ÿ  Speaker: Dr. Hrometz
  • Ÿ  Topic: The process of aging (Interactive meeting )

January 15th at 5pm – 4th ASCP chapter meeting

  • Ÿ  Speaker: MaryAnne Ventura
  • Ÿ  Topic: Geriatric Rotations and Residencies

February 12th at 6pm – 5th ASCP chapter meeting

  • Ÿ  Speaker: Heidi Trautwein
  • Ÿ  Topic: Senior Care Pharmacy Practice

March 12th at 5pm – 6th ASCP chapter meeting

  • Ÿ  Speaker: Dr. MCcurdy

April 2nd-5th: Elderly awareness week

April 2nd at 5pm – 7th ASCP chapter meeting

  • Ÿ  Speaker: Dr. Riley
  • Ÿ  Introduce the new officers

April 12th at 8:00pm in MY 107

  • Co-Sponsored Family Feud with SPC!