Executive Board

Executive Board of ASCP 2015-2016 
Steven Cole- President <s-cole.1@onu.edu>

  • The President shall preside at all meetings of the members and the Student Chapter Officers, and shall from time to time perform such other duties as the Student Chapter Officers shall designate. He/She shall also be the principal elected official of the chapter and shall be subject to the direction and affairs of the student chapter, its officers, and its members. Except as otherwise expressly set forth in the Chapter Bylaws, the president shall be the officer authorized to sign correspondence and documents on behalf of the chapter; provided, however, that under no circumstances shall the Chapter, or any officer, enter into any contract or arrangement on behalf of ASCP, or one which purports to bind ASCP, without the express written authorization of ASCP. The office of President is filled by the President-elect from the previous year and is not an office that can be applied for at this time.

Jessica Wetshtein- Programming Director <j-wetshtein@onu.edu>

  • It is the Programming Director’s responsibility to organize all of the meetings, i.e.contact speakers, reserve rooms, and order food. He/She must also try to assist the other officersin any way that is needed. If the president is unable to attend a meeting, it would be the job of the Programming Director to step in and run the meeting.

Michaela Wolford- President-Elect <m-wolford@onu.edu>

  • The President-Elect should be present at all executive meetings as well as chapter meetings in order to fully understand how ASCP is run. In the absence of the Secretary/ Membership/Fundraiser Chair, the President-Elect will be in charge of recording the minutes for the meeting and then forwarding them to the Secretary for recordkeeping. This person is responsible for organizing and running elections. The President-Elect shall assume the position of President upon the conclusion of the term of the sitting President.

Cassandra Hacker- Secretary <c-hacker@onu.edu>

  • The Secretary must attend all meetings (both exec and chapter), take concise, thorough minutes of meetings, keep a record of attendance via sign in sheets at meetings as well as formatting a spreadsheet, send out all emails (regarding meeting time, speaker, food, etc.) and answer any questions that may follow, prepare a thank you note for the speaker of monthly meetings with gift cards for executive members to sign and give at the meeting, keep a record of any papers (membership and fundraising documents, as well as any handouts or articles a speaker may bring), and have a well-organized binder with sign in sheets, thank you cards, meeting minutes, and documents of interest. If he/she is not able to attend a meeting due to an excused absence, the President-Elect will be in charge of keeping minutes and then forwarding them to the Secretary for record keeping. The Secretary is responsible for compiling and submitting both school and National Awards. The role of the Secretary may expand as our chapter expands and holds more events that require physical record keeping of attendees.

Anna McCloud- Treasurer<a-mccloud@onu.edu>

  • It is the Treasurer's responsibility to form a budget at the beginning of each semester, determining approximate amounts that can be spent on membership, meetings, and outreach while saving for future goals of ASCP. He/She must attend the Student Senate Budget Appropriations meeting in September, and communicate with other officers to complete and turn in the necessary forms required to receive money from Student Senate. The Treasurer must also evaluate ASCP's current funds and future monetary needs to determine whether or not a request is within the budget, discuss upcoming fundraisers with the fundraising chair and set goals for incoming funds, budget updates before every meeting, reimburse students who providereceipts and completed forms (in a timely manner), turn in membership dues once received from the Membership Chair, and keep an organized, updated binder with all incoming and outgoing funds.

Matthew Willoughby- Outreach Coordinator <m-willoughby@onu.edu>

  • It is the Outreach Coordinator's responsibility to organize outreach and service events, gather all of the necessary materials and information required to put together an outreach or service event, communicate between other organizations for different outreach opportunities, set up volunteer opportunities (such as, health fairs), and to help spread awareness for the elderly throughout our school and community. It is his/her responsibility to hold outreach training programs and to keep record of those trained as well as the outreachevents we hold and the number of attendees.

Christian Fesko- Membership <c-fesko@onu.edu>

  • The Membership Chair is responsible for both fall and spring recruitment. They must plan and attend Welcome Fest, Pharmacy Phest, The Pharmacy Organizations Meeting, and Homecoming; as well as any other membership events he/she might put on (such as sitting at tables in the pharmacy and business buildings). The Membership Chair is responsible for keeping record of the membership forms online as well as the student ID’s for the Student Senate Roster collection. He/She is also responsible for keeping attendance at every chapter meeting.

Jessica Gross - Fundraising Chair <j-gross@onu.edu>

  • The Fundraising chair is responsible for the coordination, planning, marketing and execution of all Student Chapter Fundraising Activities. He/She is responsible for raising money for the club itself- as well as for different arthritis foundations, and receiving approval of fundraisers by all necessary parties via fundraiser approval form. The Fundraising Chair can establish committees to assist with planning of fundraising events. The Fundraising Chair will work with the Treasurer to handle the funds made from chapter fundraising events. If he/she is not able to attend a fundraising committee meeting or a fundraising event, thePresident-Elect will be in charge of running the meeting/event.

Allison Wetshtein- IT Director <a-wetshtein@onu.edu>

  • It is the job of the IT Director to maintain the ASCP local chapter website with events, pictures, and correct current information. The IT Director must also utilize ASCP's email, twitter, and facebook account to keep ASCP’s members updated. He/She is also responsible for taking photos/having photos taken at each ASCP event. He/She is incharge of the Historian Sub-Committee which helps take pictures at events.

Feel free to contact any member of the Executive Board with questions about ASCP!