Asian Pacific American Librarians Association Award

APALA issues a number of awards each year to help support its members and Asian Pacific American literature.
The goal of the Asian/Pacific American Award for Literature is to honor and recognize individual work about Asian/Pacific Americans and their heritage, based on literary and artistic merit.
Each award will be named and given the award seal during the annual APALA Literature Award Ceremony. The winner of each category will receive a plaque and a press release will be sent to various national publications.

Year: 2018

A Different Pond

Author: Bao Phi

A father wakes his son early to go fishing. The two don’t fish for pleasure, though, but for food. The father tells his son that he used to fish in another pond as a boy growing up in Vietnam. The father and son share the early morning hours before they have to leave so the father can go to his second job. The entire family enjoys their evening meal of fish and rice; the boy feels satisfied that he was able to help catch fish for dinner.

This book also won recognition as  a Caldecott Honor book, and received the Charlotte Zolotow Award.

Year: 2016


Author: Hyewon Yum

Puddle shows us how a mother helps her son overcome his boredom on a rainy day.

Year: 2015

Juna’s Jar

Author: Jane Bahk

Juna and her friend Hector love to go on adventures until Hector moves away. Juna’s older brother, Minho, cheers her up by buying her a goldfish to put in her kimchi jar. Juna goes on imaginary adventures with whatever is in her kimchi jar always trying to find Hector. Juna finally finds Hector who looks quite happy in his new house. Juna returns home and is ready to find adventures with a new friend.

Year: 2014

Sixth Violin

Author: Hana Hashimoto

Hana loves listening to her Ojiichan play his violin. He’s a professional violinist in Japan. When Hana and her family moved to the U.S., Hana wanted to learn to play the violin. Even though she’s a beginner, she plays her violin in the talent show.

Year: 2013

Red Kite, Blue Kite

Author: Ji-li Jiang

Tai Shan and his father (“Baba”) love to fly kites from their roof. One day soldiers take his father away and Tai Shan moves in with his Granny. Tai Shan and Baba use their kites to stay connected with each other.

Year: 2012

Good Fortune in Wrapping Cloth

Author: Joan Schoettler

At a young age Ji-su is determined to develop her skills as a seamstress so she will be chosen to work alongside her mother in the king’s palace. The story is set long ago in Korea.

Year: 2011

The House Baba Built: An Artist’s Childhood in China

Author: Ed Young

Author Ed Young writes an autobiographical account of his early childhood during World War II in China. His father (“Baba”) builds a house to shelter his family from the devastations of war. The family’s imagination turn the house into a magical place which they share with others who seek to escape the war.

Year: 2010

Yasmin’s Hammer

Author: Ann Malaspina

Yasmin and her family lived very contentedly in the country of Bangladesh. When a cyclone swept their country life away they moved to the city of Dhaka where young Yasmin and her sister work breaking bricks. Yasmin longs to attend school to learn to read.