Niño Wrestles the World

Book Summary: 

Niño (which means kid) is a very brave luchadore (wrestler) who fights and defeats all of his opponents through the use of signature moves and cunning. This story includes some words in Spanish and is a child-appropriate introduction into the world of luche libre (free fighting).

Yuyi Morales
Yuyi Morales
Square Fish
Guiding Question: 

What do you think it would be like to come to a country where you knew almost no one, where the people spoke a different language than you, and very different customs? What are some reasons that you would consider leaving your country?

Howard’s Format from You Can’t Teach What You Don’t Know (73-85): 

The questions and framework come not from the book, but from a video that is linked here in which author, Yuyi Morales is interviewed:

Honesty- What are your thoughts when you hear groups of people speaking a language other than English? Have you ever been prejudice against people who weren’t speaking English? If so, why do you think you thought that way?

Empathy- What people, places, and traditions would you miss most about leaving your home country?

Advocacy- Look for ways to stand up for people who are new to your community. Invite them into your classroom to ask what kinds of things would be most helpful to them. 

Action- Are there people for whom English is not their first language that you could help practice speaking English?