Juna’s Jar

Book Summary: 

Juna and her friend Hector love to go on adventures until Hector moves away. Juna’s older brother, Minho, cheers her up by buying her a goldfish to put in her kimchi jar. Juna goes on imaginary adventures with whatever is in her kimchi jar always trying to find Hector. Juna finally finds Hector who looks quite happy in his new house. Juna returns home and is ready to find adventures with a new friend.

Jane Bahk
Felicia Hoshino
Lee & Low Books
Guiding Question: 

Enjoy Juna’s Jar and learning about her friendship with Hector and her older brother.  Would you like to have an adventurous, imaginative friend like Juna? After you finish reading the story for enjoyment, spend some time thinking about where are your ancestors from- Korea, India, America before it was colonized, Mexico, Ghana, Peru, Greece, England, a mixture of places, … Do you have traditions that come from your ancestors? Perhaps you speak more than one language or your family eats food from a particular ethnic heritage. Why are these things important to you?

Howard’s Format from You Can’t Teach What You Don’t Know (73-85): 

Honesty- Some communities have a mix of ethnicities and races. Do you think it’s important to become friends with people in your community whether or not you share ethnic heritage? Explain your answer.

Empathy- Some people in the United States are not comfortable with families that practice their heritage by not always speaking English. Can you explain why it might be important not to lose all traces of heritage? 

Advocacy- It is always a good idea to listen to the viewpoints of people impacted by decisions when you try to advocate for people or ideas. If you think it’s important to advocate for all people’s rights to celebrate their heritage, who would you include in deciding how to do this?

Action- With a plan based on the opinions of people of different backgrounds, find ways of honoring the ethnicities within your community, or our country.