Mission to Space

Book Summary: 

Learn about some of the training requirements for astronauts and Commander John Herrington’s mission to the International Space Station. Commander Herrington also shares his Chickasaw heritage and vocabulary of his people.

John Herrington
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Dog Song Press
Guiding Question: 

The author of this book is John Herrington, a Chickasaw astronaut. Why is it important to know who the Chickasaw are? (Many American citizens’ ancestors came from other continents and countries to what is presently the United States. The Chickasaw were here before Europeans came to this land.) Find out more about the Chickasaw here: https://chickasaw.net/News.aspx Why do you think being an astronaut is a special honor for Ms. Herrington?

Howard’s Format from You Can’t Teach What You Don’t Know (73-85): 

Honesty- Why do you think it’s important for John Herrington to share part of his Chickasaw heritage as he tells the story of his participation with the space shuttle Endeavor? The Chickasaw nation is obviously proud of Mr. Herrington as demonstrated in this video clip: https://www.chickasaw.tv/videos/john-herrington-first-native-american-in-space

Empathy- In the video clip, Mr. Herrington says that as a Native American (aborignal person) he wants to be a role model to people who have not had role models they identify with. Why might being a role model to other Native American be important to Ms. Herrington? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZfR_soIkC4

Advocacy- What makes Mr. Herrington a good person to advocate for promoting STEM education on the Indian reservations he visited while riding a bike from Cape Flattery, Washington to Cape Canaveral, Florida? (Mentioned on the video above)

Action- What can you do to learn more about the Chickasaw people? https://chickasaw.net/News.aspx