My Beautiful Birds

Book Summary: 

Sami and his family are forced to leave their homes when their town is destroyed. Family members takes only what they can carry. Sami is forced to leave the pigeons he raises as they seek refuge in a nearby refugee camp. The family tries to create a normal life in the camp, but Sami is devastated. Eventually three birds show up at camp and Sami’s healing begins.

Suzanne Del Rizzo
Suzanne Del Rizzo
Pajama Press Inc.
Guiding Question: 

In the Author’s Note at the end of the book, Suzanne Del Rizzo states, “In our world today, more families are displaced than ever before. Sometimes, families are forced to flee their homes to escape war. … Unable to find work or buy a home in these new countries, they seek shelter wherever they can, in makeshift housing in urban areas or refugee camps.” What must it feel like to be a refugee (people forced to leave their homes in order to escape war, persecution or natural disasters) and not know when, if ever, you can return home?

Howard’s Format from You Can’t Teach What You Don’t Know (73-85): 

Honesty- Losing your home and nearly all of your belongings due to war, conflict, or mistreatment is the reality for millions of people worldwide. Do you believe that people who were not involved in the reasons refugees left their homes have any responsibility to refugees?

Empathy- How would you feel if your home and belongings were destroyed?

Advocacy- It’s always a good idea to talk to people directly involved with an issue when you try to think of ways to help solve problems or ease burdens. Who should you talk to in order to find out how to best help refugees?

Action- Information from the following link might provide you with ideas on how you might actively help refugees.