Little You

Book Summary: 

The minimal text and illustrations convey the message that babies bring joy into their own families and also the larger world.

Richard Van Camp
Julie Flett
Orca Book Publishers
Guiding Question: 

This story provides scenes from the everyday life of a family with a baby. The family is Native American. Does anything in this book challenge your ideas of the ways Native American families live?

Howard’s Format from You Can’t Teach What You Don’t Know (73-85): 

Honesty – What do you know about the many different groups of Native Americans? Do you only think of them living in the past? Do you picture the men wearing war paint and the women weaving cloth or making baskets? What do you know about the varied ways that Native American people live today?

Empathy – This simple story depicts a family who is Native American.  Why is it important to have books in the classroom that depict families of different ethnicities?  

Advocacy – Find someone who can talk to your class about the ways that Native American people live today. Discuss stereotypes with this person and become aware of facts to replace your incorrect ideas.

Action – Visit the We Need Diverse Books website.  What is this site trying to do?  How might you get involved with what they are doing?