Folktales from Turkey: From Agri to Zelve

Book Summary: 

Serpil Ural provides readers of this book with 26 stories from the area that is now known as Turkey. As with many areas of the world, a wide variety of people have made the land their homes. This collection of stories provides the readers with a taste of many different cultures, a map to show the reagion of the continent from which the story comes, and some additional information. 

Serpil Ural
Dilara Arin
Citlembik Publications, 2012
Guiding Question: 

Turkey is a country that many Americans know little about. Why do you think we typically know more about Europe than about many other areas of the world? 

Howard’s Format from You Can’t Teach What You Don’t Know (73-85): 

Honesty- The folktales in this book represent the lives of people who lived long ago. How do the people of Turkey live today? Part of what is happening in Turkey today is a nearby war. This is causing a lot of people from Syria to come into Turkey. Some of the people in Turkey are stading up for the Syrians who have been imprisoned due to the war. 

Empahty- When many people in one country come into another country in great numbers, it usually causes problems because resources are stretched too thin.  How do you think the people of Turkey feel with so many needy people coming to their country from Syria?  

Advocacy- Are there people who have escaped from a war zone that can help you better understand what the people in and near Turkey are going through?

Action- With so many homeless people from Syria staying in Turkey, more medical care is needed. You can learn how to help with medical supplies at this link: Doctors Without Borders.