Good Fortune in Wrapping Cloth

Book Summary: 

At a young age Ji-su is determined to develop her skills as a seamstress so she will be chosen to work alongside her mother in the king’s palace. The story is set long ago in Korea.

Joan Schoettler
Jessica Lanan
Shen's Books
Guiding Question: 

It may seem that Ji-Su’s mother made the wrong decision to use her sewing talents in the king’s court and leave her daughter. Many people never have to make such a difficult decision. How do you think Ji-Su’s mother made her decision?

Howard’s Format from You Can’t Teach What You Don’t Know (73-85): 

Honesty- The king in this story has absolute power in his country which means that he can have anything he wants. Ji-Su’s mother did not have a choice to go to the palace. She had to obey. It was seen as a great honor for the king to request that you work for him. Has your family suffered difficulty so that one family member could do something important? How does that feel?

Empathy- Ji-Su gave up her time to play so she could become a seamstress in hopes of joining her mother in the king's palace. How do you think that made her feel?

Advocacy and Action- Think about how fair/unfair it was for the king to ask Ji-Su’s mother to leave her family. Were there times in U.S. history when children were taken from their families? With your teacher, find out more about these times. Write a letter to a leader in our government as if you lived in those times, explaining how you think this made the families feel and if you think it was fair.