As a political and social vehicle, we strive to create unity within the African-American community. BSU serves to educate and mold the members of the community, and helps to equip them with tangible skills to use in the future.

Welcome to the Official Website of the Ohio Northern Black Student Union



Planning for the Black Student Union began in 1965, with the organization officially being recognized on campus in 1966.

The founders of the Black Student Union were Curtis Foulks, Billy Dyson, Dianne "Big Momma" Thomas (Sadicka Thomas), Nathaniel Hawthorne and the first BSU President, Judge Benjamin Logan. Hawthorne and Arthur Jackson provided legal advising for the group.

Other original members included Sam Brewer, Hiram Tanner Jr, Gail Hodge (Littlejohn), Sylvia Bush (Hawthorne), Ted Coleman, and Houston Brown.

The group was created to accomplish three important tasks
I.      Recruit and Retain More Black Students
II.    Come Together with One Another
III.   Diversify and Sensitize the ONU Campus