Why our family chose the ONU Child Development Center

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by Loren and Ann

Our son is in his first year at the Child Development Center and we could not be more pleased, for a couple of reasons. First, while I realize state ratings are not always a priority, in this case, we used it as our first point of exploration. ‘Step Up to Quality’ is a state-based ranking and the Ohio Northern CDC has four stars. This is very tough to achieve and having experienced a variety of star ratings, prior to our son’s enrollment in the center, the differences are extremely clear. Additionally, the CDC is one of the only four stars (maybe even three stars, from our research) in the area.
We are avid believers in showing continuous love and respect to our child and our biggest point of concern, regardless of who is caretaker is, is always talking to him instead of ‘at him’ and not talking about him as though he is not in the room.  Additionally, we are passionate proponents of positive reinforcement, versus verbal criticism or timeouts. While we know we cannot protect this mentality, or create this atmosphere, when he is out of our home, it is so encouraging, to see, on a regular basis, that the director and teachers —Miss June, Miss Vi, and Miss Schoonover— treat, not only our son, but all of the children with the same love and respect that we do at home. Often, when dropping our son off and picking him up, we hear them interacting with him, or with the other children and there is a constant tone of positivity and love. Our son absolutely loves going to his ‘fun school’ (that is what he calls it) and while he has only been there a short time, the fun he is having, the respect he is given and the variety of activities that are enabling learning are absolutely amazing and unparalleled to any we have seen in the area.

We feel as though we are kept up to date on our son’s progress with the many newsletters and we love that we are actively involved, by being asked to bring in items from home and in so many other ways. The activities and opportunities for a variety of play are amazing at this center, from the dramatic play area, to the ‘big block room’, to the manipulatives in the ‘main room’. Their naptime rituals allow for individualistic needs. Their ‘leadership jobs’ for the children teach responsibility. I cannot say enough about the variety of ways these teachers go and giving this ‘extra mile’ will make all the difference.
The Center is living proof that you can create a loving, creative, welcoming atmosphere, while still maintaining state standards; a blend that could be thought of as difficult in some situations and maybe even used as an excuse. That is not the case here.