Kristin Purdy

Everything about our experience has been great at Ohio Northern University Child Development Center. The center is clean, organized, fun, and an overall great learning atmosphere. This is the second year that my son has attended the CDC and I know that by the time Kindergarten rolls around he will be well prepared and ready."

Ronda Lehman

"Sending our daughter to ONU's preschool was a wonderful experience. She loved going each day, and it was always evident how much the teachers care about children. I never had to worry."

Kelly Fetrow

"Over the last few years, I have had two of my children complete the CDC program - each with very different personalities, aptitudes and needs. The staff at the CDC did an amazing job of nurturing each of my kids right where they were at. They took the time to get to know them and worked to provide educational opportunities and teaching methods that best met their social and developmental needs. It was a great experience. I highly recommend the CDC!"

Hui Shen

"My son learned a lot during his two years enrolled at the CDC. He got the best reader award in the graduation ceremony. He can read long stories and even some simple chapter books now. It might be unbelievable if you know that he could hardly speak English when he started there. (His native language is not English.) He made many friends there, and is now doing very well in kindergarten."

Ann Donnelly Hamilton

Our son absolutely loves going to his ‘fun school’ (that is what he calls it) and while he has only been there a short time, the fun he is having, the respect he is given and the variety of activities that are enabling learning are absolutely amazing and unparalleled to any we have seen in the area.

Stephanie Zeller

"My daughter loves going to preschool. It has been such a positive transition for her. She just loves the teachers and how caring and positive they are with her. We couldn't be happier. Thank you for making the transition so easy!"

Darlene Johnston

"My daughter was very shy when she first started going to the Child Development Center. Once she started going, she opened up and really enjoyed every minute of it. She would come home so excited to share what fun things they did and tell me about her new friends."

Christina Bowden

"It's amazing to see the strides that my son achieved in his time at the Child Development Center.  He was completely ready for kindergarten and his time at the CDC made that transition incredibly easy for him."

Shahna Arps

The ONU CDC is a lifesaver! We love that such a well-run, professional child care facility is right here on campus.

Brian Paris

"I have sent both my children to the CDC and couldn't be happier with the results. Not only is it a top-notch program, but it is very convenient as well. ONU is fortunate to have such a wonderful childcare option for faculty and staff."