Tryout Information


Clinics: September 17th (8-10pm), and September 19th (8-10pm)

Tryouts: September 24th (8-10pm)


The tryout consists of four components:

Learned Group Dance

Dancers will be judged on confidence, technique, rhythm, and performance.

Individual Dance

Dancers will be judged on confidence, creativity/originality, the variety of movement, technique, and difficulty.

"Quick Learn" Combination

Dancers will be judged on confidence, accuracy, and rhythm.


      Dancers will be judged on a variety of technical movements. 


Dancers are required to attend at least one clinic in order to try out for the team. At the clinics, the captains will teach the group dance, as well as go over all technical moves dancers must perform during tryouts. These include:

  • Single/double pirouette, leaps across the floor (right, left, and center), calypso jump, and fouette turns.

Dancers may also perform any of the following technical moves for extra points (however they are not required):

  • Triple pirouette, switch leap, and any tumbling/gymnastics skills.

Dancers are to choreograph their own 30 second routine, which they will perform for the judges during the second section of tryouts, the individual dance. The dancer must provide music if desired. This section of tryouts is to show us your creativity and personal style. Have fun with it! Your dance can be ANY type of dance you'd like it to be.

The "quick learn" combination will be taught on the spot, during the tryout, by one of the captains. The combination will be between 24 and 32 counts long. This component of the tryout allows the judges to evaluate dancers on their ability to pick of movement quickly and accurately.

During the clinics, dancers will be given lots of information about what the dance team does, and what is expected of its members. Dancers are encouraged to ask questions about the dance team, as well as the routine and technical moves being taught.

Dancers must remain at the tryout until they have completed all four segments of the tryout. Once dancers have finished all four segments, they are free to leave.

Dancers must wear black shorts, jazz pants, or leggings and a plain white top for tryouts.

Upon arrival, dancers will have to fill out a tryout form and should know all of the following information:

  • Home Address
  • College Address (where you are living; e.g. Park Hall Rm. 211, Founders Rm. 107, Lima Rm. 324, etc.)
  • Mailbox Unit Number
  • T-shirt size and Jacket size
  • Schedule, including classes, work, other rehearsals, and other clubs or organizations