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If you want to rush Delta Sigma Phi, you can contact one of the Officers.

Why join a fraternity?

A Fraternity is a great place to grow as a person. In addition to what it offers as far as social networking, philanthropic and services opportunities, as well as a Brotherhood of men who will be friends for the rest of their lives, it is also a great place to acquire leadership skills. Being a Greek opens up a field of brand new opportunities as far as Executive Board Positions as well as Cabinet Positions within each individual Chapter. Outside the individual chapters however, there is a governing body on campus known as the Interfraternity Council (IFC) where members of each chapter discuss the role of Greek Life on campus. IFC also has its own set of Executive Board members.

Building from the benefits mentioned above, a Fraternity is a great resume builder. The leadership skills attained from being a Fraternity Man are unparalleled by any other College Organization. In 2003, Forbes 500 had 120 Greeks. That's 24% of the CEOs of the largest corporations that were members of College Greek Organizations. In addition to that, 48% of all U.S. presidents, 42% of U.S. senators, 30% of U.S. congressmen, and 40% of U.S. Supreme Court justices were College Greeks, according to data from The North-American Interfraternity Conference. This is an astounding statistic considering only 8.5% of undergraduates choose to join a Greek Organization.


Why rush Delta Sigma Phi?

Delta Sigma Phi is an opportunity to make lifelong friends that share a common unbreakable bond of brotherhood. This bond is not only shared with those of us at Ohio Northern, but all over the United States. Delta Sigma Phi allows you to meet new people and also provides a unique college experience, that is otherwise unattainable. For the brothers of Delta Sigma Phi this fraternity is a family and the best part of college.

Where can I find information on Delta Sigma Phi?

For information about the Ohio Northern Chapter, contact rush chair, Alec Perrin at, or come to any rush event. For more information about our national fraternity, visit For more information about our local chapter and alumni, visit

Will I have to live in the chapter house?

You wouldn't be required to live in the chapter house, however in order to reap the full benefits of the Brotherhood (including both financial incentives as well as the tight-knit bonds with your Brothers that live in the house) it is encouraged that you live in the house.

Do you offer any scholarships?

GPA Incentive: Because scholarship is very important to us, we offer large incentives for brothers to do well in their studies. Our current GPA incentive is a semester of free room and board in the chapter house, $2,300, for any brother that achieves a GPA of 3.80 or higher during the previous semester. Last year several brothers received this GPA incentive.

JK Dunn Scholarship: Our Alumni Corporation Board annually chooses a member of the brotherhood to receive the $1,000 JK Dunn scholarship from an application process.

Other Scholarships: Our national fraternity also offers other various scholarships. Information about these scholarships can be found under the undergraduate tab at the website of our national fraternity:

What are the costs associated with being a member of the fraternity?

Please contact Treasurer Matthew Sutton with questions.

If you choose to live in the chapter house, the cost is $4,000 per semester, which includes your room, fraternity dues, food cooked by our house mother, Wilma, digital cable with movie channels, and also helps support brotherhood projects, social events, and house improvements. This of course is far lower than the least expensive university housing, and the funds left over after paying operating costs are spent to directly benefit the brotherhood and its members.

On Average, ONU Dorms are $2,800 a semester plus a meal plan of atleast $2,200 totaling $5000. Depending on what housing options you pick, you can save $1400 to $2100 a year by living in the Fraternity house. This doesn't even include the scholarship incentives.

Such incentives include the free room and board for a semester. This is for Brothers that achieve a GPA of 3.80 or higher and live in the On Campus house. Each semester, atleast 4 brothers take advantage of this incentive and it truly adds to the savings. In addition to free room and board, those Brothers who narrowly miss the 3.80 are offered other incentives such as gift cards, free Fraternity T-shirts and more.

What is the all campus grade point average? What is your chapter GPA?

The Greek Men's average GPA this past semester was 3.03

The Campus Men's Average GPA was: 3.07

Our chapter GPA was: 2.96

What is the purpose/mission of Delta Sigma Phi?

“To fulfill the desire of serious young college men for a fellowship of brotherhood, as near a practical working ideal as possible not fettered with too many traditional prejudices and artificial standards of membership and accompanied by a clean, pure, and honorable chapter home life.”

                        What if I have decided that I want to rush Delta Sigma Phi?

If you've decided that Greek Life might be an option for you or you'd like to find out more information, you can fill out this form and a Brother will be in contact you. It is by no means binding and it's just to ensure that you are well informed about Greek Life.