Second Annual Submission Contest!

It's that time again!

We are accepting contest entries in six categories, with a first- and second-place winner in each category. Plus, all submissions will be considered for publication. Enter now for the chance to win a Visa Gift Card of up to $50 and have your creative genius recognized by the Internet!


The normal rules for submissions apply, but with the following caveats:

Please email all submissions to with the words "contest submission" somewhere in the subject line.

There are six categories for submissions: Poetry, Short Stories, Visual Art, Video, Audio, and Essays. Submissions are limited to two per category per person.

The submissions for the contest will be accepted at any time between March 16 and April 9. Winners will be announced by the following week. First-place winners will be published on the emedia website at that time, while second-place winners will be published the following week, and all other enties will be published the week after that.

First-place winners will each receive a $50 Visa Gift card. Second-place winners will each receive a $25 Visa Gift Card. No single person can win both first and second place in the same category, but the same person could win prizes in multiple categories.

Members of the emedia staff are not allowed to submit work to the contest.

We will not accept simultaneous publications on the emedia website and elsewhere. If your submission is accepted elsewhere during the contest, please notify us so we can remove it from consideration. Failure to do so will result in the removal of all of the author's submissions from the contest.


We look forward to seeing/hearing your work! Good luck and have fun!


NOTE: We have had to make some corrections to the contest rules. There are SIX categories, not five, and the prize amounts have also been changed. We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience.