Current contributors:

Patrick Fisher is a Sophomore Creative and Professional Writing Major at Ohio Northern.  He is interested primarily in film and screenwriting, an area in which he hopes to work in the near future.  His favorite film is Raiders of the Lost Ark and his favorite television show is The Twilight Zone.  Personal idols include David Fincher, Rod Serling, Tim Curry, and Dave Grohl.

Alexandria Hartsel is a sophomore Creative Writing and French major from Illinois. She is currently the Promotional Director of Polaris and the Public Relations and Design Editor of emedia. She participates on ONU's Women's Ultimate Frisbee club team and is the team's "ab workout guru."

Jennifer Hartsel is a Creative Writing Major at Ohio Northern University. She is a member of the varsity swim team and women’s club frisbee team. She is the Public Relations and Design editor for emedia and a staff member for Polaris.

Chris Matejka is a Creative Writing major at Ohio Northern University from Spencer, Ohio. He also plays varsity soccer for the ONU Men's team. In emedia, he specializes in creative writing, mainly submitting short stories and poetry.

Elizabeth McKinney is a freshman Creative Writing and Professional Writing double major from Norwalk,
Ohio. She writes mainly fiction and has a Betta fish named Raj who likes to attack his own reflection.
One of her interesting facts involves her job at Kalahari: she writes names on rice.

Justin Stewart is a Creative Writing and Philosophy major at Ohio Northern University who hails from East Liverpool, Ohio. He is currently the president of the ONU Philosophy Club and has been published in Kent State's Colloquy and ONU's Polaris. In emedia, he specializes in video games, a subject of which he never tires.

Mearte Winter is a sophomore majoring in Professional Writing from Waterville, Ohio.


Previous/Archived Contributors:

Ashley Alexander did not vote for a candidate in the 2008 presidential elections; instead, she consoled herself by casting her absentee ballot to strategically cancel-out friend, and fellow Michigander, Nick Federinko’s vote. In non-presidential election years, Ashley writes nonfiction and poetry, climbs rock walls at BGSU, and invents ever more creative ways of convincing her friends Christopher Walken is a praying mantis in disguise. See: Fatboy Slim, “Weapon of Choice.”

Cat Apicella is emedia's copy editor. Her name literally means "Divine Torture of Bumblebees," a meaning which is fitting, considering the fact that she is allergic to bees.

Tracy Campbell is a contributing technology editor and a co-editor of ONU's genre-fiction literary journal Ceridwen. She is dangerous with garlic, wooden stakes, holy water, and silver bullets.

Victoria Dickman-Burnett is both emedia's exceedingly clever recording secretary and its feminist-in-residence.

Zach Freer had a dream once that he failed college so badly that ONU sent him back to retake all of high school before coming back to college. Luckily, it was just a dream - although he does have to double check every time ONU sends him to a high school classroom to do student observations (as requirements for his Technology Education Major). Zach also has a Professional Writing Minor.

Maxine Hepner is a contributing technology editor and the lead video editor. She lives in Keyser Soze's office.

Andrew Leavitt plays with fire but usually manages not to get burnt. The same, however, cannot always be said about those in his vicinity. He was co-editor of emedia during the 2010-2011 school year.

Merrill Miller is a merry miller, a wheeler and dealer, whose mare really will reel mealy minnows from the willows if you will her to reel merrily as a merry miller will. She was co-editor of emedia during the 2010-2011 school year.

Alan Ohman is Alan Ohman. What?

Zane Sade is head dragon-slayer and co-video editor for this site that you're on. Right now. He is a sophomore musical theatre major, minoring in "sitting around". You may remember him in such roles as Santa Claus in the Holiday Spectacular; never mention the role to him again. In his free time, Zane enjoys picking wildberries. He is happy to inherit his new residence in Keyser Soze's office.

Khaty Xiong is a poet and photographer.


Dr. Geoffrey Babbitt was the emedia advisor for the 2010-2011 academic year. He launched and helped design the current website.

Dr. Margot Cullen is the co-founder of emedia and has been a co-advisor since its inception. She was the sole emedia advisor for the spring quarter of 2010. Many of the pieces on the current site were created under her advisorship.

Dr. Jonathan Pitts is the founder and advisor of emedia, returning from his 11 month stint in Turkey, under the Fullbright Fellowship.