Online resources and links to emedia-related websites.

Ohio Northern University English Department

ONU English Department Facebook Page

The Daily Beast: an opinionated and sharp take on news from around the world.

CTHOERY: one of the leading electronic reviews. a feminist pop culture site.

Gaga Stigmata: an academic blog devoted to analysis and art inspired by Lady Gaga.

Rock Paper Shotgun: the premier website for PC gaming news.

Pretty Jeff: webcomics from an ONU art student.

UbuWeb: an ecclectic, avant-garde multimedia website founded by poet Kenneth Goldsmith.

The Paley Center for Media

Hardcore Gaming 101: articles on obscure and classic games.

ELO: the electronic literature orgaization.

The Onion.

Kairos: leading "webtext" publication.

Electronic Literature Collection: Volume One.

TV Tropes.

Eclipse: an online archive of out-of-print or hard-to-obtain literature.

Digital Editions of Jane Austen's manuscripts.

Media Watchers and Activists.

Josh Reads: a funny, clever website that criticizes newspaper comics.

LitNet: an excellent online multimedia, literary German website.

MIT's Cultural Media Studies.

Full Sail University.

The SCP Foundation: you must see in order to believe.

Many more to come.