emedia accepts both creative and analytical pieces (original videos, articles/essays, reviews, poetry, screenplays, short stories, audio files, and visual art) that deal with media, popular culture, technology, and current events.

Send all submissions to: Include the submission as an attachment. Please include the word “submission” in the subject line of the email. Also, please include your name, year, and major.

Submissions are welcome throughout the quarter and potential contributors may submit as many times as they wish.

Please turn off smart quotes and any other Word autoformatting in your submission.

Upon receiving a submission, editors will:

(1) accept the submission as is, with minor edits (cuts, grammatical corrections, word changes, etc.),

(2) return the submission to the writer with suggestions for improvement, and the writer may resubmit the piece.

(3) Or the editors also have the right to reject submissions.


Video submissions should be about four minutes and thirty seconds long at maximum length. Shorter videos may also be submitted.

If a video submission is more than five minutes long, contributors must first submit a plot summary and proposal describing the video. If the editors accept the plot summary and proposal, then the video may be submitted.


Articles/essays submitted should be no more than three pages long, single spaced, with one inch margins, in Times New Roman font, 11 or 12 point size.

Articles of no more than two pages are preferred.

Articles should be submitted as Microsoft Word documents or as a Rich Text Format


Screenplays and short stories should be no more than ten pages in length and adhere to the same formatting that applies to articles/essays.

Screenplays may also be submitted as Celtx documents.

If a screenplay or story cannot be cut down to ten pages in length or fewer, a proposal and plot synopsis can be sent to the editors. If the editors accept the proposal and plot synopsis, then the screenplay/short story may be submitted.


Photography may be submitted as individual photos or as a collection of photos.

Photographs should be sent as .jpeg or .ping files.