Department service:

Over the past few years, the walls of Taft Memorial have been decorated with pictures of interaction between students and faculty in  lassroom/laboratory environments, department sponsored student organizations, and EPT initiation pictures. This year, EPT has taken the initiative to develop a procedure to continuously update these pictures with more recent photographs to display changes to the department. The following is a brief synopsis of the work and dedication that has been displayed by the members of Epsilon Pi Tau and our continuing efforts to spiral that commitment to the highest of levels.   Epsilon Pi Tau has also started providing tutoring for all technological studies students, see the events page for details.

Community Service

Food Drive

During the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons, we as an organization decided to hold a food drive. On two separate occasions, our organization collected canned foods, cereal, and other non-perishable items. The Gamma Lambda Chapter then delivered the collected food to the Ada Food Bank. Members are also active in helping out at the food bank on Tuesday afternoons and Saturday mornings where they receive an opportunity to give back to the community.


Haiti Relief

Following the disaster that struck Haiti, we decided to participate in the Red Cross’ efforts to help earthquake victims, Help Haiti. The Gamma Lambda Chapter collected new and used shoes, clothing, bottled water, and food. A member then delivered the supplies to the Lima Red Cross in hopes of making a difference for Haiti. Efforts for collection are still ongoing as part of a campus-wide initiative for donations of food, clothing and money. Members from EPT are still active in this effort to alleviate some of the suffering that has occurred in Haiti.  

Teaming Up with Alumni Affairs

Various times during the year, our Alumni office holds reunions, meetings, and special events that result in the need for small gifts and tokens as a remembrance of occasion. Epsilon Pi Tau has teamed up with Alumni Affairs as a location where many of these tokens can be done. Over the past year, EPT members and faculty have burned CD’s for the winter musical season, laser-engraved mugs, cups, and mortar/pestles, and various other operations that have been successful in raising money for scholarship and donations.

Highway Clean-up

As part of our organizational mission at Ohio Northern, the student organizations of the Ohio Northern University Technological Studies Department, consisting of Epsilon Pi Tau and the Society of Manufacturing Engineers and the NAHB Student Organization, have adopted a section of highway between Ada and Kenton along State Route 309. Our organization usually cleans this section of roadway two to three times per year. The volunteers will usually gather afterward for a pizza party and to enjoy the fellowship that comes with involvement in student organizations.