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Medicinal Herb Path

Located at the northeast corner of the woods on the green monster (near the soccer fields), the medicinal herb path is a short tour of woodland plants native to the area which have medicinal properties. It is a service learning project under the mentorship of Dr. Vicki Motz, Biology and Dr. David Kinder, Pharmacy and sponsored by the United Plant Savers. Our purposes in creating this garden were to raise awareness of herbal alternative medicines; to move learning outside the classroom, to open students of all disciplines to medicinal herbs; and to work together to make an aesthetic contribution to the campus and the greater community. We hope you will take the time to peruse our web pages as we share with you some of the wonderful things we have discovered about medicinal herbs which grow in Ohio. Learn to identify the herbs, a bit of their history, thier uses, what is know about how they work medicinally - and find some fun recipes. Please come walk along and see, smell and enjoy our herbs. You can download the self guided tour pamphlet by clicking on the pamphlet link. It is also available at the garden and at the Inn. We regret that the path is not handicapped accessible.

The Medicinal herb garden on the south side of the Hakes-Piersdorf  and the Medicinal Herb sundial are fully accessible and provide self guided tours of sun loving plants native to the area which have medicinal properties.