Ada UMC- Harmon 
America is known as the land of the free and the home of the brave. This country is founded upon the ideals that every individual should seek their own identity. Ideals like this have no doubt had a positive impact on the society we know today. These ideals have not only created a country thriving with culture and diversity, but also a place where the citizens are interconnected with the culture itself. 
Without most of us even realizing it, we are impacted everyday through these cultures that surround us. The Ada United Methodist Church has had this uplifting impact on the society. The church emphasizes open minds, and open hearts lead to open doors. There is no doubt that one of these open doors was Ohio Northern. The unique relationship between Ohio Northern University and the Church started in the beginning. In the beginning, the United Methodist church was built in 1899 at the intersection of what is now W. Highland and Main Street. This was 28 years after the formation of Ohio Northern, and throughout the history of over a hundred year span, the relationship had an inevitable impact on one another. 
What’s the relationship between ONU and the Ada United Methodist Church. Do you think it’s good or bad? 
Wynn Hauenstein: I think it’s been good on both sides. I’ve seen a symbiotic relationship, you can’t deny it. Our church has prorogated a lot of activities associated with Northern. We have a lot of sororities, especially the religious based sororities and fraternities, Greek societies use our facilities. So I think it’s good in the Church. Get some benefits by the fact that we have a lot of faculty come, and they’re great supporters of the Church. 
But the relationship was in dismay when the Church caught on fire in March 2012. The start of the fire was unknown, with the most likely suspect being an unattended candle. Within a couple hours, the church was gone, and the citizens were left in awe. 
Bob McCurdy: Got another call that there were flames coming from the church, and a number of us in that meeting were members of the Church and everybody in that meeting was concerned so the meeting was dismissed. By the time we walked out of McIntosh Center, this was about 12:20- 12:25 in the afternoon. You could clearly see the smoke on campus. I walked to a point where I could see the roof and the tower of the church and it was fully engulfed in flames. And within minutes, the roof caved in. And you just knew at that point it was a goner. 
Because of the church fire, the church had to move to the chapel on campus. However, all hope is not lost, because the Ada community has decided to build a new church. This newly designed church is in construction, and the floor plans can be seen on line. And, if all goes well, the church will continue to build relationships that will last another 100 years. 
So do you think the church on campus has impacted your life? 
Jonathan Landis: Yes 
Josh Soppe: Well, I can say yes. 
Tim Coulter: Yes, it did. I get connected with people and have a good experience with the community. 
Josh: It’s a good community where we push each other. Welcoming a lot of students and making them feel comfortable here. It’s a good environment to be in, a safe environment. 
The Ada United Methodist Church impacting the community in the past, the present, and the future.