What the Yale Daily News Reported

The following links are from the Yale Daily News with the exception of the last one, and all have to do with the Hampden Bloodbath. The links are in chronological order.

Yale Triumphs. Account of the game, cites a high number of injuries caused by unnecessary roughness.

Yale The Victor. An account of the game stating the clean play, only one player was forced to leave due to injuries, Harvard outplayed in second half.

Yale The Victor (continued). Last game of season for freshmen team ended in a defeat, but "reflects credit on the men themselves.."

Proposed Changes in Football Rules. Proposed changes to football include calling the ball down immediately, keeping the rushers back, and 2 referees instead of 1

Yale Log. General campus news, NE intercollegiate football association to be held in Boston.

A Communication from the University of Pennsylvania. Letter from the University of Pennsylvania notifying Yale of charges of professionalism against the football team.

Yale Log. General information with attention to finances, students outside of the academic departments may not play intercollegiate football.

Captain Hinkey Vindicated. Hinkey was investigated and vindicated of charges related to unnecessary roughness related to the injury of Wrightington.

Statement of the Referee. Statement by David Bovaird that he did not see Hinkey knee or purposfully injure Wrightington.

Statement of the Umpire. Statement by Alexander Moffat that Wrightington's injury was purely accidental and blameless and the attacks on Hinkey are unjust.

Statement of the Assistant Linesman. Statement by Irvin McDonald Garfield that Hickey did not knee Wrightington and the accusations are baseless.

Statement of Ansom M. Beard. Statement by Anson M. Beard that Hinkey was 10 yards behind the tackle that took Wrightington out of the game.

Yale Log. General campus news, table showing numbers of men from different colleges on the All-American teams since 1889. 

Statement of the Linesman. Statement by George D. Pratt that the game was not unnecessarily rough and that Hinkey did not jump on Wrightington.

No Title. Rebuttal of a post article saying that football detracts from student's involvement in "milder athletics."

Football. General review of season, with particular attention to Harvard/Yale game.