About Us

National History

Kappa Psi was founded on May 30th, 1879 in New Haven, Connecticut at the Russel Military Academy. Currently there are 141 chapters (82 collegiate and 59 graduate chapters), five thousand collegiate members, and over eighty-thousand graduate members across the United States, Canada, and the Bahamas. Kappa Psi has grown in both size and quality. Any student enrolled in a College of Pharmacy who meets the local chapter requirements, is not a member of another pharmaceutical fraternity and is in good standing with the university is eligible for membership. Members are selected on the basis of their personal qualifications. Kappa Psi offers the opportunity for high scholastic achievement, the opportunity to develop qualities of leadership, and growth and development as a professional.

Gamma Delta History

Dean Rudolf H. Raabe founded the Gamma Delta Chapter of Kappa Psi on March 20, 1920. Gamma Delta chapter was installed by the Beta Beta chapter of Western Reserve. Brother Charles A. Snyder was responsible with demonstrating the Ritual of Initiation to the 30 charter members on March 20, 1920. Gamma Delta purchased their first house in 1921. Forty years later in 1961, renovations were completed in the new house at 600 South Simon Street. In 1970, Gamma Delta celebrated its Golden Anniversary. Gamma Delta was reactivated on March 20th, 2010 on the 90th anniversary of the founding on Ohio Northern University’s campus.

Executive Board

Regent: Dylon Gregg; d-gregg.1@onu.edu
Vice Regent: Emily Mroczynski; e-mroczynski@onu.edu
Secretary: Cat Oby; c-oby@onu.edu
Treasurer: Matt Smaldino; m-smaldino@onu.edu
Historian: Allie Herman; a-herman.3@onu.edu
Chaplain: Olivia Henton; o-henton@onu.edu
Sergeant at Arms: Megan Bookser; m-bookser@onu.edu
Officer of Professional Affairs: Lauren DePietro; l-depietro@onu.edu
Officer of Philanthropy: Ashley Zupancic; a-zupancic@onu.edu
Officer of Social Affairs: Maria Hamman; m-hamman@onu.edu
Officer of Graduate Relations: Kaitlyn Nestel; k-nestel@onu.edu
Officer of External Relations: Kati Hoyle; k-hoyle.1@onu.edu
Officer of Scholarship: Taylor Lewis; t-lewis.9@onu.edu
Officer of Fundraising: Danielle Petrus; d-petrus.1@onu.edu
Officer of Recruitment: Pat Gayetsky; p-gayetsky@onu.edu
Officer of New Member Education: Allie Fay; a-fay@onu.edu
Officer of Risk Management: Isabel Cwikla; i-cwikla@onu.edu


P2s: Katlyn Brown, Sydney Burdin, Mikayla Fisher, Jenn Hipskind, Sierra Iddings, Riley Sember

P3s: Isabel Cwikla, Julia Dickman, Andrew Duska, Gabby Heck, Olivia Henton, Allie Herman, Austin Hilverding, Katerina Jordan, Liz Kramer, Zach Leonatti, Taylor Lewis, Nicky Michalek, Eric Miller, Katie Pritchard, Clay Small, Maria Thrasher, Chris Tweed, Kristine Wagner, Morgan Weithman, Ashley Zupancic

P4s: Zach Brock, Lucas Casserlie, Charlie Christie, Lauren DePietro, Eric Eisenmann, Joelle Farano, Pat Gayetsky, Maria Hamman, Brian Heilbronner, Alex Hess, Kati Hoyle, Brandon Johnson, Adam Kornokovich, Helena Ladd, Chris Leiby, Emily Mroczynski, Kaitlyn Nestel, Cat Oby, Sarah Pelger, Danielle Petrus, Kelly Sheridan, Adriana Sikora, Matt Smaldino, Adam Tracey, Jamie Westenkirchner

P5s: Liza Benedict, Megan Bookser, Stephanie Casler,  Kelsie Connolly, Liz Dallman, Chris Edwards, Allie Fay, Dylon Gregg, Amanda Lanker, Meredith Martin, Rachel Maxwell, Dominique McKee, Raymond Meddock, Jerry Pasquale, Kelsie Weisenburger, Kyle Weslosky

P6s: Jessica Alflen, Brittany Barnhisel, Mike Buskey, Julia Chase, Henna Csont, Amanda Dobrzynski, Emily Erven, Nicole Goebel, Cody Hay, Lisa Jacob, Molly Kulp, Maria Lakios, Jessica Larkey, Tristan Maiers, Madalyn McMinn, Jason Mersek, Michelle Nguyen, Tera Parrella, Jennifer Provost, Austin Pifher, Ann Marie Ruhe, Andrew Skouby, Erica Tolle, Becca Thompson, Carlie Trenga, Amber Walker, Molly Wascher, Julie Weiner

Non-Pharmacy: Andy Brubaker, Elissa McCracken

GCDs: Cameron Van Dyke, David Koh, Kelly Reilly Kroustos, Thomas Kier