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2015 Officers

Cody Criss, President
Michael Potter, Vice President
Kara Sosinski, Secretary
Austin Hilverding, Treasurer
Jessica Lewe, Philanthropy and Service Chair
Coral Shuster, Activities Chair
Alexa Lammers, Communications/Technology Chair
Molly Wheeler, Historian Chair




2015 Active Initiates

Jessica Alexander, Pharmacy
Tyler Bernardy, Engineering Education
Mitchell Bowling, Biochemistry
Callie Brown, Molecular Biology & Secondary Education
Tyler Calton, Biology
Emily Carlson, Pharmacy
Matthew Castellana, Biology
Matthew Chaney, Biology
Cody Criss, Biochemistry
Tessa Cross, Creative Writing & Early Childhood Education
Isabel Cwikla, Pharmacy & Spanish
Brooke Espenschied, Pharmacy
Heather Fogarty, Pharmacy
Ellen Freeh, Biology & Chemistry
Allison Fye, Pharmacy
Joshua Gedert, Electrical Engineering
Tyler Germann, Electrical Engineering
Olivia Henton, Pharmacy
Alexandra Herman, Pharmacy
Austin Hilverding, Pharmacy
Morgan Homan, Pharmacy
Lucas Karr, Electrical Engineering
Corbin Kruczek, Mechanical Engineering
Alexa Lammers, Musical Theatre & Public Relations
Jessica Lewe, Pharmacy
Katharine Lundy, Pharmacy
Jason Luthman, Mechanical Engineering
Carly Mathewson, Chemistry
Allison Maynard, Pharmacy
A.J. Mehlow, Management
Catherine Meininger, Pharmacy
Cody Meyer, Mechanical Engineering
Sarah Miller, Pharmacy
John Mostowy, Pharmacy
Sabrina Newstead, Biology
Haval Norman, Pharmacy
Hannah Peterson, Public Relations
Blake Pitstick, Pharmacy
Michael Potter, Mechanical Engineering
Katlyn Pritchard, Pharmacy
Jana Randolph, Pharmacy
David Reeping, Engineering Education
Robert Rose, Pharmacy
Melissa Schwartz, Pharmacy
Coral Shuster, Psychology
Shayla Siefker, Pharmacy
Tyler Siefker, Pharmacy
Kara Sosinski, Pharmacy
Lisanne Sprague, Pharmacy
Taryn Stromback, Pharmaceutical Business
Carolyn Thomas, Biology
Paige Torbet, Exercise Physiology
Aaron Tuck, Professional Writing
Caleb VonStein, Pharmacy
Molly Wheeler, Pharmacy & Spanish