The Cultural Confusion-1

Khadijah introduces the speaker.

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The Cultural Confusion-2

Mrs. Chaima Bagais begins her presentation on "The Cultural Confusion," the difference between cultural practices and Islamic teachings.

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Islamic Awareness Week

Where: McIntosh Tables

A week in which Muslim Student Associations across the nation are trying to promote peace and understanding within their communities. The event's purpose it to make it clear that although we have many differences, we also have many similarities. The MSA hopes to additionally clear up misconceptions about Islam and Muslims by giving students the opportunity to ask questions and participate in several different activities.

MSA Officer Elections

The MSA will be hosting elections for next year's MSA officers in the McIntosh Conference room 203 at 6 p.m. We will also be passing out the t-shirts that were ordered, so bring your money ($15 for short-sleeve, $20 for long-sleeve)! If you have not ordered a t-shirt, but would like one, please contact us. We have a limited quantity of extras.

Islamic Information

Islam • [is-lahm] • noun

Definition: To submit to the will of Allah

Root: "Salam", meaning "Peace"



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