Assessments Related to Diversity

Candidates are assessed on the nine KSDs related to diversity as listed above at various points throughout the program and beyond.  The initial assessment related to diversity is the EDUC 1501 Five-Day Field Experience I Diversity Paper.  For this experience, the candidate attends a pre-conference with the faculty member, observes and participates in five consecutive full days in a racially diverse classroom, responds to prompts concerning the experience in written form, and attends a post-conference and debriefing session with other candidates and the faculty member.  The paper is assessed by the faculty member according to a rubric based on three of the diversity KSDs (two knowledge, one disposition) listed above and the candidate must achieve a score of 9/12 to achieve a satisfactory score on the assessment.  Every teacher education candidate must complete this experience and assessment.

The Pathwise Portfolio, which was completed by all candidates through Winter 10-11 and most candidates in Spring 10-11 and Fall 11-12 (excluding those who were piloting the Teacher Performance Assessment), is an assignment where the teacher candidate was expected to create a portfolio to demonstrate how their instructional practice mirrored the four Pathwise domains.  The assessment rubric for this portfolio measured the candidate's performance related to the three skill objectives related to diversity.

During field experiences and clinical experiences, candidates are evaluated using forms developed to mirror the Pathwise domains (formerly- Field Experience Evaluation Form, Student Teaching Evaluation Form) or the Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession (more recently- Field Experience Evaluation Form, Student Teaching Evaluation Form).  These forms measure teacher candidate performance related to all six unit commitments and specifically some subset of the KSDs related to diversity.  Finally, the most recent Follow-Up Survey of Graduates (Spring, 2010) was designed to specifically measure the teacher's perception of their preparation for the classroom by the ONU Teacher Education Program as related to the six commitments of the program.  Specific items asked the teacher to rate their preparation in areas of diversity related to the KSDs for this commitment.

Faculty have reviewed data from all of these assessments when appropriate and at least annually for some group of the assessments.  The unit assessment data related to all KSDs is found in the KSD Assessment Data document with Commitment 1: Commitment to Diversity the focus of this present discussion.  The Follow-Up Study Report (Appendices) shares the respondents' input related to the Commitment to Diversity.  Data related to diversity is an area where the faculty has paid specific attention.  The faculty believes that the performance data shows that candidates are well-prepared to work with a diverse group of students but that there is always room for improvement.  The changes described in earlier sections that were implemented as part of the semester conversion were impacted by this data and these conversations.