Diversity of University and School-Based Faculty

Ohio Northern University is located in a rural area of northwest Ohio where involving candidates with large numbers of racially or ethnically diverse faculty, candidates, and students can sometimes be a challenge.  According to the 2010 census,  Hardin County had 96.0% of its residents reporting as White Non-Hispanic, 0.8% reporting as Black, 0.2% reporting as American Indian or Alaskan Native, 0.6% reporting as Asian, 1.3% reporting as Hispanic, and 1.3% reporting as two or more races.  Nearby Allen County, the most diverse in the immediate region, had 82.5% reporting as White Non-Hispanic, 11.9% reporting as Black, 0.2% reporting as American Indian or Alaskan Native, 0.7% reporting as Asian, 2.4% reporting as Hispanic, and 2.4% reporting as two or more races.   Other counties within the immediate area have pockets of diversity but are fairly represented by the two cited above.

The table in the Faculty Demographics section below indicates the racial and gender breakdown of professional education faculty at ONU, all faculty at ONU, and recent cooperating teachers for student teaching experiences.  It should be noted that on-campus faculty demonstrate more diversity than classroom teachers although many classroom teachers chose not to indicate race.  In addition, the percent of university faculty represented as other than White Non-Hispanic is higher than the local community (10% vs. 4%).  Most teacher education candidates at ONU have experienced at least one class with a faculty member of other than White Non-Hispanic background over the past many years.

It should be noted that, in addition to the ONU faculty diversity reported above, that most teacher candidates regularly interact with several staff members who have other than white non-hispanic background (e.g. student services, admissions, support staff, others).  These interactions which take place outside the classroom enhance candidates' overall experiences with those from a variety of backgrounds.  In addition, ONU faculty and staff are from all regions of the country and throughout the world.